Trinken Atlantic Dispenser

Trinken Atlantic Dispenser

The Trinken Atlantic Dispenser is a floor-standing water purifier that provides a constant supply of quality filtered water, and is suitable for most office environments and reception areas.

The dispenser comes fitted with an advanced filtration system that has been tested and certified by NSF International to have met international quality standards for drinking water.

For more information, go to the Trinken website.

Features & Benefits

    • Available in 3 temperatures: piping hot (85-90°C), room temperature and cold water (6-10°C) instantly.
    • Protects users from scalding themselves: comes with a hot water safety lock so you don’t get scalded accidentally.
    • Purifies water using an advanced filtration system: reduces parasitic cysts, sediment, chlorine taste and odour.
    • Fuss-free filter change: replacing the filter only requires a simple twist and turn, and there is only one filter to change yearly.
    • Easy to use: touch-free paddles allow water to be dispensed right away without having to tap on multiple buttons.
    • Connects directly to water supply: skip the hassle of water refills that are typically needed in traditional bottled water dispensers.
    • Save on storage space: no extra space required to store bulky refill bottles, unlike for bottled water dispensers.


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