Lonprotect Antiviral Wallpaper

Lonprotect Antiviral Wallpaper

Lonprotect is Singapore’s first and only antiviral wallpaper, specially formulated to safeguard against viruses and bacteria round the clock in your homes and workplaces. It also prevents the growth of mould and keeps your walls clean. With our minimalist printed designs, you can ensure that aesthetics will not be compromised.

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Together with our Lonprotect antiviral flooring, you can create a fully antiviral environment for your family and loved ones by ensuring your floors and walls are free from germs.

Lonprotect antiviral solutions are ideal for use in these places where a high level of hygiene is expected.

  • Hospitals, e.g. operating rooms, ICUs
  • Nursery schools, kindergartens, childcare centres
  • Nursing homes, elderly care facilities
  • Schools
  • Research production facilities, e.g. food and pharmaceutical factories
  • Homes, especially if you have babies or young children, or even family members who are immunocompromised

Features & Benefits

    • Antiviral & Antibacterial Properties: Lonprotect wallpaper ensures a healthier living interior by stopping viruses like the avian coronavirus, avian influenza (H5N3) and norovirus from spreading and inhibits the growth of infection-causing bacteria like S. Aureus and E. Coli
    • Resistant to Mould, Water and Chemicals: Lonprotect wallpaper prevent the growth of mould and keep your walls clean. It has a water-repellent coat that allows it to last longer in moist environments without tear, and is resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents.
    • Fire Retardant: In the event of a fire, the flames will not spread when they come into contact with our Lonprotect wallpaper as the material is flame retardant.
    • Durable and Easy to Maintain: Lonprotect wallpaper is highly resistant to scratches and extremely durable. The surfaces are easy to clean and stains can be easily removed, allowing for fuss-free maintenance.

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