3M™ DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M™ DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Made in Japan, 3M DI-NOC is a flexible self-adhesive vinyl film that comes in a wide selection of designs that resemble natural materials. This innovative finish transforms any space without any drilling or hacking required. So if you need a quick way to spruce up your space with minimal downtime, noise and dust, DI-NOC is your answer. Available in over 1000 designs including rustic woods, rich marbles and industrial-style concretes, you’re sure to find something that fits your desired look.

Refresh Spaces in a Jiffy

Be it discolored cabinets and stained doors, to outdated lift lobbies and scratched lift doors, DI-NOC has given them all a new lease of life. Its fast, easy application helps you refinish existing structures to create a new look almost overnight.

You can renew your space without the disruption, downtime and odor that results from a typical renovation.

For residential homes, DI-NOC can be used to refresh the look of your furniture, doors and cabinets by simply wrapping DI-NOC vinyl stickers over your doors or the existing finishes. That means you save on the cost of hacking existing furniture AND building new furniture!

Superior Finishing

With laminates, edges get chipped or lifted over time, giving an unsightly look. Comparatively, DI-NOC is a film that can be wrapped around edges and curves, resulting in a more precise finishing and virtually no joint lines.

More Design Possibilities

While laminates tend to be rigid in structure, 3M DI-NOC Films can conform to a variety of curved surfaces. Thus, it presents greater design freedom when deciding on the finish of a surface.

Browse over 300 variations of DINOC in the 3M DI-NOC Digital Catalog.

Easy to Maintain

DI-NOC is lab-tested to be highly resistant to up to 20 different types of chemicals, and 90% of common household stains. Simply wipe away any stains or dirt using a soft cloth with mild detergent and water. The film is also resistant to scratches and abrasion.


DI-NOC is rated 3 ticks (Excellent) under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) scheme, and contributes points towards a building’s Green Mark rating. See the Singapore Green Building Council website for more details on the certification.

Benefits Of Installing 3M DI-NOC Film

    • Resistant to water, solvents, dirt, stains, scratches and abrasion
    • Extremely durable
    • No drilling or hacking required
    • Noise and dust-free installation
    • Fast and bubble-free application thanks to 3M Comply™ Adhesive Technology
    • Easy to maintain – simply wipe away any stains or dirt using a soft cloth with mild detergent and water

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Frequently Asked Questions

DI-NOC is an 8 mil, multi-layer, adhesive-backed vinyl film that can be used as a decorative surface finish to replicate the look of wood grain, natural stone, metal, and hundreds of other designs.

Most DI-NOC patterns can be used on casework, doors, columns, walls, elevators, ceilings, and many more applications.

This film is provided in roll format with most patterns available in 48 in. x 164 ft. (1220 mm x 50 m) rolls. There are a few exceptions with some specialty finishes including the WG-GN, VM and ET Series available in 48 in. x 82 ft. (1220 mm x 25 m) rolls.

The Product bonds to most non-porous, smooth surfaces such as metal, wood, interior glass, and high-pressure laminates. Most patterns can be formed around three dimensional surfaces when using heat.

DI-NOC’s pressure-sensitive adhesive with 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology provides virtually air bubble-free installation, simplifying and speeding application.

In order to ensure your application looks its best, 3M recommends using a 3M Endorsed DI-NOC Installer. Jestac is the sole 3M Endorsed DI-NOC Installer in Singapore. Jestac installers have received detailed training on proper installation techniques specific to this product. You can find a listing of 3M Endorsed DI-NOC Installers at www.3M.com/AMD.

You can view the designs in our DI-NOC e-catalogue. If you would like to see the actual material, feel free to visit our showroom from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. Alternatively, you can also request for the samples with the selected code numbers and our sales consultant will be happy to follow up with you.

3M DI-NOC Film is a very flexible finish that can be applied on almost all smooth, flat and certain curved surfaces. Typical applications will be on the doors, door frames, walls, cabinet or wardrobe and ceiling, to give a brand new look instantly.

No, there is no hacking or drilling during the dry application for 3M DI-NOC – basically no dust, no noise and no hassle. Application is fast, hence reducing your downtime.

3M DI-NOC gives the best results on a smooth surface. We can apply DI-NOC on certain surfaces with light textures if this is acceptable for the client. For such applications, please check with our sales consultant and they will try their best to advise you.

If the substrate is subject to condensation, e.g. water pipes or surfaces that back up to cooling systems, the moisture that forms can cause the film’s adhesive to release and cause the film to peel from the surface. Hence, these areas may not be suitable to install DI-NOC. For other areas, such as bathroom cabinets, we will usually seal the edges of the film with a clear sealer to prevent water from coming into contact with the adhesive.

3M DI-NOC films are not suitable for floor applications.

3M DI-NOC has 3 years warranty (depending on the series and application area) against significant discolouration that is mainly due to UV exposure. 3M lab tests also show that DI-NOC is much more resistant to fading than other similar products in the market. In fact, DI-NOC has been used to cover up outdoor claddings or doors!

No, 3M DI-NOC films are extremely durable and do not wear and tear easily. They have excellent resistance to water, dirt, stains and scratches.

3M DI-NOC films have up to 12 years’ usage indoors and up to 7 years outdoors.

Our door wrap starts from $688 for Special 30 designs and $750 for Top 40 designs.

Door frame wrapping starts from $250. If you would like to wrap the frame only without wrapping your door, there is a minimum quantity of 3 frames.

We highly recommend installing DINOC film before the digital lock, so as to avoid any complications from removing and re-installing the lock.

You can use water and/or mild detergent water, and a soft cloth or sponge without abrasives to clean the DI-NOC surface. Regular cleaning will help maintain the appearance of the film.

Attempting to remove the film may damage the substrate or its finish.

Yes, the 3M™ DI-NOC (Excl. PS Series) are certified under the Singapore Green Building product certification scheme where they were awarded 3 ticks and earned an ‘Excellent’ rating under the Wall Covering category.

Our 3M™ Prestige 60 window films are also certified SGBPs and awarded a 2-Ticks, ‘Very Good’ Rating.

For more info on the scheme, kindly visit www.sgbc.sg

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