3M™ Ceramic IR Series Sun Control Window Film

3M™ Ceramic IR Series Sun Control Window Film

3M Ceramic IR Series Window Films is developed with 3M absorptive nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection. Designed for low visible light reflectivity value and no mirror-like appearance for a clear view out.

Features & Benefits

    • Clear film with excellent heat rejection: absorptive nano-ceramic technology provides a high level of infrared heat rejection
    • Blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays: UV rays cause furniture to fade. Blocking out UV rays help extend the life of furnishings.
    • Metal-free design: no signal interference and no chance for film corrosion
    • Suitable for condominiums & ECs: the film has low interior and exterior reflectivity, enhancing views while maintaining exterior appearance
    • 10 years warranty: applies to fixed and sliding panels. 3 years warranty for casement panels. Warranty covers peeling, bubbling, blistering, delamination and discolouration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3M solar film warranty covers any peeling, bubbling, delamination and discolouration.

Ceramic IR series has a warranty of 10 years for fixed and sliding windows and 3 years for casement (swing) windows.

We would recommend to install our 3M films only after all major renovation works are completed (e.g. hacking and drilling) and before any installation of curtains, blinds or grilles. This is because the condition of the site must be as clean and dust free as possible so as to minimise the chances of dirt trapped bubbles on the film.

Solar films help to address three issues that we face in Singapore, mainly heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. For example, if your room is facing the hot afternoon sun or if you are facing severe glare issues, we would recommend that you install our 3M films for better comfort at home. If you want to keep your furnishings looking new for longer, 3M films can block at least 99% of UV rays that cause your furnishings to fade quickly.

For a more accurate quote, we will need to measure the size of your window panels. Based on your floor plan, we are unable to determine the window measurements. Hence, we would recommend that you make an appointment with our sales consultant for an on-site consultation.

Yes, a darker film is better at rejecting heat if you are referring to films within the same series by a particular supplier. For example, a darker shade of 3M Prestige Window Film (PR40) can reject more heat than a lighter shade (PR70).

However, if you are comparing across different brands, a darker film is not always better at rejecting heat. For example, our 3M Prestige Window Film provides the best heat rejection technology in the market and outperforms darker tinted films from other brands despite being a clear film.

Blinds or curtains block out very minimal heat only. We recommend installing our 3M films for more effective heat reduction. They can also block out UV rays that cause your blinds or curtains to fade quickly.

There is no single film in the market that can achieve both day and night time privacy. Our 3M Night Vision films allow day time privacy, i.e. outsiders cannot look into your home during the day, but this effect is reversed at night. For night time privacy, you still need blinds or curtains.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) refers to the percentage of visible light that passes through the film. For example, our 3M Prestige PR40 film allows 40% of light to pass through, while our PR70 film allows 70% of light to pass through. You can get a good idea of the film’s VLT simply by looking at how darkly tinted the film is.

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) is a metric that describes the total amount of solar energy (comprising UV light + visible light + infrared rays) that is blocked from passing through the window. When you compare the heat rejection performance between film brands, you should be looking at the Total Solar Energy Rejected metric, and not just the Infrared Rejected metric.

No. Films with a high TSER are not always better-performing as they could also be much darker or highly reflective, which may not be what you want. Hence, a better way to assess the film’s performance is to look at films with the same visible light transmission (VLT) before comparing their TSER performance.

  • Do not clean the windows within 30 days of installation.
  • After 30 days, you may clean your windows using water and a soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge. Please use a different cloth/sponge and water for cleaning the window interior and exterior.
  • Do not use any newspapers, paper towels, bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning material. Avoid applying heavy pressure during cleaning.

We have films that allow more visible light to pass through while giving excellent heat reduction, such as the lighter shades of our 3M Prestige Series (e.g. PR60 and PR70). They do not change the outlook of the window much and you would hardly notice it is even there at all!

Yes, we can submit our film samples to the MA for approval. Our 3M Window Films have been approved for installation in many residential developments, such as ARTRA (PR40), Gem Residences (PR50 & NV35), Rivercove Residences (PR50 & CM50), Sol Acres (PR50).

*Once the MA approves our PR40 film, which is the darkest out of the four models in the Prestige Series, it means all the other 3 lighter models (PR50, PR60 and PR70) are approved too!

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