3M Quality Filtered Water Dispenser & Filtration Systems

3M™ AP Easy Complete Undersink Filtration System

Consisting of only a dedicated drinking faucet (drilling required), one filter, and water tubing, the 3M AP Easy Complete is a compact water filtration system that fits right under the sink. It is connected directly to the water source, giving you immediate access to quality drinking water at the turn of a tap. This system is suitable for homes with 4-6 members. AP Easy Complete is certified by NSF International, an independent global public health organization, thus giving you peace of mind and protection. Learn more about the 3M™ AP Easy Complete Undersink Filtration System

Trinken Atlantic Dispenser

The Trinken Atlantic Dispenser is a floor-standing water purifier that provides a constant supply of quality filtered water, and is suitable for most office environments and reception areas. The dispenser comes fitted with an advanced filtration system that has been tested and certified by NSF International to have met international quality standards for drinking water. Learn more about the Trinken Atlantic Dispenser

FF100 Undersink System for Larger Consumption

Suitable for larger households or places with a high usage of drinking water (e.g. cafes), this compact under-sink system has a filtration capacity eight times that of the AP Easy Complete System with similar reduction capabilities. The FF100 system connects to your existing faucet so no drilling is required. It is especially suitable for smaller kitchens, since it does not take up space on kitchen countertops. Learn more about the FF100 Undersink System for Larger Consumption

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